What is Russell Westbrook Height ? | How tall is russell westbrook ?

Russell Westbrook’s Height A Closer Look

  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)
  • Foots: 6.25 ft
  • Meter: 1.91 m
  • Centimeter: 191 cm

Have you ever wondered about the physical stature of your favorite athletes? Russell Westbrook, the explosive NBA star, stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm). Let’s explore the details of his height and how it has played a role in his journey to becoming one of basketball’s most dynamic players.

Height Details and History


Born on November 12, 1988, in Long Beach, California, Russell Westbrook’s height of 6 feet 3 inches places him slightly above the average height for NBA players. Throughout his career, Westbrook’s height has been a crucial factor in his style of play. His combination of speed, athleticism, and height has allowed him to dominate on the basketball court, earning him numerous accolades and a reputation as one of the league’s most exciting players.

Westbrook’s height hasn’t limited his impact; instead, it has become a defining aspect of his game. His ability to navigate through opponents, make precise passes, and score with flair has contributed to his success in the NBA.

Career Highlights

Russell Westbrook’s rise to stardom in the NBA is attributed to his incredible athleticism and relentless playing style. Drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics (later the Oklahoma City Thunder) in 2008, Westbrook quickly became known for his triple-double performances and all-around excellence on the court.

Westbrook’s journey includes a historic 2016-2017 season, where he averaged a triple-double, a feat achieved only by legends like Oscar Robertson. His aggressive playing style and explosive dunks have made him a fan favorite, and he’s earned multiple NBA All-Star selections and an MVP award.

Personal Details

Full Name Russell Westbrook Jr.
Nationality American
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 12, 1988
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nina Earl Westbrook

Social Media Profiles

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Key Points

  • Russell Westbrook’s height is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm).
  • His height contributes to his dynamic and explosive playing style on the basketball court.
  • Westbrook is a multiple-time NBA All-Star and MVP award winner.
  • He is married to Nina Earl Westbrook.

Author’s Conclusion

Russell Westbrook’s height is more than just a physical attribute; it’s a fundamental aspect of his basketball prowess. His impact on the court showcases how a combination of skill, athleticism, and height can elevate a player to the highest levels of the game.


How tall is Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook’s height is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm).

What is Russell Westbrook known for in the NBA?

Russell Westbrook is known for his dynamic playing style, triple-double performances, and explosive dunks.

Has Russell Westbrook won an MVP award?

Yes, Russell Westbrook won the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the 2016-2017 season.

Is Russell Westbrook currently married?

Yes, Russell Westbrook is married to Nina Earl Westbrook.

What are Russell Westbrook’s social media handles?

Russell Westbrook can be found on Instagram [@russwest44], Twitter [@russwest44], and Facebook [Russell Westbrook].

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