What is Jared Leto Height ? | How tall is jared leto ?

Jared Leto, a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters or 175 centimeters). This blog post explores the details and history of his height, delves into his remarkable career, highlights his personal statistics, social media presence, key points, and concludes with the author’s insights.

Jared Leto’s Height Details and History

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters or 175 centimeters)

Born on December 26, 1971, in Bossier City, Louisiana, USA, Jared Leto possesses a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). This height is often considered average for males, yet it hasn’t hindered his success in the entertainment industry. Leto’s height has complemented his diverse roles, enabling him to portray characters with authenticity and versatility throughout his acting career.

Jared Leto’s Career and Rise to Fame


Jared Leto initially gained fame as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. The band’s success elevated Leto’s profile, and he ventured into acting. He garnered critical acclaim for his roles in movies like “Requiem for a Dream,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Suicide Squad,” where he portrayed the iconic character Joker.

Apart from music and acting, Leto is also recognized for his direction and production skills. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club,” showcasing his remarkable talent and versatility.

Personal Details of Jared Leto

Personal Details Information
Full Name Jared Joseph Leto
Nationality American
Gender Male
Marital Status Unmarried

Social Media Profiles

Key Points

  1. Jared Leto’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters or 175 centimeters).
  2. He is known for his successful careers in both music and acting.
  3. Leto has received critical acclaim and awards for his performances in various films.

Author’s Conclusion

Jared Leto’s height, combined with his immense talent, has undoubtedly played a role in his diverse and successful career. His ability to adapt to different roles, whether in music or acting, showcases the power of versatility in the entertainment industry.


Is Jared Leto considered tall in Hollywood?

Jared Leto’s height of 5 feet 9 inches is considered average for males in Hollywood.

Has Jared Leto won any major awards for his acting?

Yes, Jared Leto won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Is Jared Leto married?

As of the latest information available, Jared Leto is unmarried.

What are some of Jared Leto’s notable movies?

Some of Jared Leto’s notable movies include “Requiem for a Dream,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Suicide Squad.”

Does Jared Leto actively use social media?

Yes, Jared Leto is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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