What is Hailee Steinfeld Height ? | Hailee steinfeld height

Hailee Steinfeld’s Height Details and History

  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters, 173 centimeters)

Hailee Steinfeld, a talented American actress, singer, and songwriter, stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters, 173 centimeters). This height is a defining characteristic of her physical presence and has been a constant throughout her rise in the entertainment industry.

Height is often an interesting topic of discussion, especially in the world of celebrities. Hailee Steinfeld’s height is in the taller range compared to average height, which can be advantageous in the entertainment industry, providing her a distinctive presence on screen and stage.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Career and Rise to Fame


Hailee Steinfeld, born on December 11, 1996, in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, began her acting career at a young age. Her breakthrough moment came with her remarkable performance as Mattie Ross in the film “True Grit” (2010), which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress at just 14 years old.

Apart from acting, Steinfeld is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. She debuted her music career in 2015 with her single “Love Myself,” followed by her EP “Haiz.” Steinfeld’s talent in both acting and music has garnered her a large fanbase and critical acclaim.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Personal Details

Full Name Nationality Gender Marital Status
Hailee Steinfeld American Female Single

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Key Points

  • Hailee Steinfeld’s height is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters, 173 centimeters).
  • She gained fame through her outstanding acting performances, notably in “True Grit” (2010).
  • Steinfeld is a multifaceted talent, excelling both in acting and music.

Author’s Conclusion

Hailee Steinfeld’s height, combined with her exceptional talent and versatility, has been a contributing factor to her success in the entertainment industry. Whether on the big screen or in the music world, Steinfeld’s stature is just one aspect of her captivating presence and immense talent.


How tall is Hailee Steinfeld?

Hailee Steinfeld is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73 meters, 173 centimeters).

In which movie did Hailee Steinfeld receive an Academy Award nomination?

Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in “True Grit” (2010).

Is Hailee Steinfeld involved in music?

Yes, Hailee Steinfeld is a singer and songwriter.

When was Hailee Steinfeld born?

Hailee Steinfeld was born on December 11, 1996, in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California.

Is Hailee Steinfeld married?

No, Hailee Steinfeld is not married.

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