What is Glenn Jacobs Height ? | How tall is glenn jacobs ?

Glenn Jacobs, better known by his ring name Kane, is a towering figure in the world of professional wrestling. Beyond his menacing presence in the ring, fans often wonder about the real-life stature of the man behind the mask. In this blog post, we delve into the details of Glenn Jacobs’ impressive height, the historical context of height in wrestling, and the illustrious career that has made him a wrestling icon.

Glenn Jacobs’ Height Details

  • Height: 7 feet 0 inches (213 cm or 2.13 meters)

Glenn Jacobs stands tall at an imposing height of 7 feet 0 inches, equivalent to 213 centimeters or 2.13 meters. His towering height has been a defining feature of his wrestling persona, contributing to the awe and intimidation factor he brings to the ring. In the world of professional wrestling, where larger-than-life characters dominate, height often plays a significant role in the portrayal of a wrestler’s persona.

The history of height in professional wrestling dates back to the early days of the industry. Tall and physically imposing wrestlers have traditionally been cast as dominant figures, often playing the role of villains or powerful protagonists. Glenn Jacobs, during his time as Kane, embraced this tradition, becoming one of the most iconic and feared characters in WWE history.

Glenn Jacobs’ Career and Rise to Fame


Glenn Jacobs achieved fame and recognition under the ring name Kane, the “Big Red Machine.” Debuting in the WWE (then WWF) in the late 1990s, Kane quickly became a force to be reckoned with. His mysterious persona, complete with a red mask and flame-themed attire, added an element of intrigue to his character.

Kane’s career is highlighted by numerous championship victories, memorable feuds, and iconic moments, including his partnership with The Undertaker as the Brothers of Destruction. Beyond his in-ring accomplishments, Glenn Jacobs’ versatility is evident in his success outside of wrestling. In addition to his wrestling career, he has ventured into acting, and philanthropy, and even entered the realm of politics.

Personal Details – Key Stats

Detail Information
Full Name Glenn Thomas Jacobs
Nationality American
Gender Male
Height 7 feet 0 inches
Marital Status Married
Spouse Crystal Maurisa Goins

Social Media Profiles

Key Points

  • Glenn Jacobs’ height is 7 feet 0 inches (213 cm).
  • Known by the ring name Kane, he is a legendary figure in professional wrestling.
  • Kane’s career includes championship victories and iconic moments.
  • Beyond wrestling, Glenn Jacobs has pursued acting, philanthropy, and politics.
  • Personal details include his full name (Glenn Thomas Jacobs), American nationality, and marital status (married to Crystal Maurisa Goins).
  • Follow Glenn Jacobs on Twitter.

Author’s Conclusion

Glenn Jacobs’ towering height is not just a physical attribute; it’s an integral part of the larger-than-life character that is Kane. His impact on professional wrestling and his ability to transition successfully into various fields makes him a true icon in the world of entertainment.


How tall is Glenn Jacobs?

Glenn Jacobs is 7 feet 0 inches tall.

What is Glenn Jacobs’ real name?

Glenn Jacobs’ real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs.

Is Glenn Jacobs still active in wrestling?

As of the latest information, Glenn Jacobs has transitioned away from active wrestling.

What other ventures has Glenn Jacobs pursued?

Glenn Jacobs has ventured into acting, philanthropy, and politics.

Is Glenn Jacobs married?

Yes, Glenn Jacobs is married to Crystal Maurisa Goins.

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