What is Emily Osment Height ? | How tall is emily osment ?

Emily Osment’s Height Details and History

  • Emily Osment’s Height: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Converted: 157.48 centimeters, 1.5748 meters

Emily Osment, known for her roles in television and film, stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Born on March 10, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, Osment’s height has often been a topic of discussion among fans and the media.

Despite her petite stature, Osment has never let her height hinder her success in the entertainment industry. From a young age, she showcased her talent in acting, gradually rising to prominence in both television and film.

Osment’s height has not limited the range of characters she portrays on screen. Whether it’s playing the quirky and intelligent Lilly Truscott on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” or taking on more mature roles in movies and television shows, Osment’s versatility as an actress shines through regardless of her height.

While her height may not be as towering as some of her counterparts in Hollywood, Osment’s talent and charisma have made her a beloved figure among audiences of all ages.

Career Highlights and Fame


Emily Osment rose to fame for her role as Lilly Truscott in the hit Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana,” where she portrayed the best friend of Miley Cyrus’s character. Her comedic timing and relatable portrayal of Lilly endeared her to audiences worldwide, making her a household name among Disney Channel viewers.

Following the success of “Hannah Montana,” Osment continued to solidify her presence in the entertainment industry with roles in movies and television shows. She has showcased her acting prowess in various genres, from comedy to drama, earning critical acclaim for her performances.

In addition to her acting career, Osment has ventured into music, releasing her music and performing live concerts. Her multi-faceted talents have garnered her a dedicated fanbase and cemented her status as a versatile entertainer.

Personal Details

Full Name Emily Jordan Osment
Nationality American
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Date of Birth March 10, 1992

Social Media Profiles

  • Twitter: @EmilyOsment
  • Instagram: @emilyosment

Key Points

  • Emily Osment’s height is 5 feet 2 inches.
  • She gained fame for her role as Lilly Truscott on “Hannah Montana.”
  • Osment has showcased her versatility in both acting and music.

Author’s Conclusion

Emily Osment’s height may be petite, but her talent and versatility as an actress have propelled her to success in the entertainment industry. From her breakout role on “Hannah Montana” to her continued presence in movies, television, and music, Osment has proven that height is no barrier to achieving one’s dreams.


How tall is Emily Osment?

Emily Osment is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

What is Emily Osment’s nationality?

Emily Osment is American.

Is Emily Osment married?

No, Emily Osment is currently single.

What is Emily Osment’s date of birth?

Emily Osment was born on March 10, 1992.

Does Emily Osment have any social media accounts?

Yes, Emily Osment can be found on Twitter (@EmilyOsment) and Instagram (@emilyosment).

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