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Cillian Murphy, the talented Irish actor known for his captivating performances, has left a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Besides his acting prowess, fans often wonder about his physical attributes, including his height. In this article, we’ll delve into Cillian Murphy’s height, his journey to fame, and essential personal details.

Cillian Murphy’s Height Details and History

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
  • Foots: 5’9″
  • Meters: 1.75 m
  • Centimeters: 175 cm

Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), Cillian Murphy boasts a presence that matches his immense talent. Born on May 25, 1976, in Douglas, County Cork, Ireland, Murphy’s height has never hindered his ability to command the screen. His journey to success began with his striking performances on both stage and screen, where his height became a secondary factor compared to his remarkable acting skills.

Highlighting Cillian Murphy’s Career and Rise to Fame


Cillian Murphy’s rise to fame is a testament to his dedication and passion for acting. He initially garnered attention for his theater roles, but it was his breakthrough film role in “28 Days Later” (2002) that put him on the international map. The intensity he brought to the character of Jim in a post-apocalyptic world showcased his versatility as an actor. Murphy’s career continued to soar with critically acclaimed performances in movies like “Inception” (2010), “Peaky Blinders” (2013-2019), and “A Quiet Place Part II” (2021). His ability to embody complex characters with depth and authenticity has solidified his status as one of the industry’s finest talents.

Personal Details of Cillian Murphy

Detail Information
Full Name Cillian Murphy
Nationality Irish
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Birthdate May 25, 1976
Birthplace Douglas, Ireland

Social Media Profiles

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Key Points

  • Cillian Murphy’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).
  • He is an Irish actor known for his versatile performances.
  • His breakthrough role was in “28 Days Later” (2002).
  • Murphy gained widespread recognition through projects like “Peaky Blinders” and “Inception.”

Author’s Conclusion

Cillian Murphy’s height is only one aspect of his intriguing persona. His journey from stage to screen, characterized by exceptional performances and a diverse array of roles, has solidified his place in the entertainment industry. Beyond physical attributes, it’s his dedication to his craft and ability to captivate audiences that truly define him.


What is Cillian Murphy’s height?

Cillian Murphy’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

What are some of Cillian Murphy’s notable works?

Cillian Murphy is renowned for his roles in projects such as “28 Days Later,” “Peaky Blinders,” and “Inception.”

When was Cillian Murphy born?

Cillian Murphy was born on May 25, 1976.

Is Cillian Murphy active on social media?

Yes, you can follow Cillian Murphy on Twitter (@cillianupdates) and Instagram (@officialcillianmurphy).

What is Cillian Murphy’s nationality?

Cillian Murphy is Irish by nationality.

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