What is Chrissy Teigen Height ? | How tall is chrissy teigen ?

Chrissy Teigen, a model, cookbook author, and television personality, is celebrated for her wit, charm, and multifaceted talents. Amidst all the admiration, one question that often arises is, “What is Chrissy Teigen’s height?” In this article, we unravel the dimensions of this influential figure and explore her journey to stardom.

Chrissy Teigen’s Height Details and History

  • Feet: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Meters: 1.73 meters
  • Centimeters: 173 centimeters

Chrissy Teigen stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters or 173 centimeters). Born on November 30, 1985, in Delta, Utah, Teigen’s height has been a notable aspect of her modeling career. In the world of fashion, where height often plays a crucial role, Teigen’s 5’8″ stature has contributed to her success on the runway.

Teigen’s height has also been an asset in her career as a television personality. Whether gracing the pages of magazines or co-hosting shows like “Lip Sync Battle,” her presence commands attention, showcasing that height is just one element of her overall captivating persona.

Career Highlights and Fame


Chrissy Teigen’s rise to fame began as a successful model, gracing the covers of magazines like Sports Illustrated. However, it was her engaging and relatable personality that catapulted her into the realm of television. Teigen co-hosted “Lip Sync Battle” and became a staple on shows like “Chrissy’s Court.”

Beyond her television career, Teigen is a best-selling cookbook author, adding culinary expertise to her repertoire. Her social media presence, characterized by humor and candidness, has endeared her to millions, making her a social media sensation.

Personal Details

Full Name Christine Diane Teigen
Nationality American
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Spouse John Legend (m. 2013)

Social Media Profiles

Key Points

  1. Chrissy Teigen’s height is 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters).
  2. She gained fame as a model and later as a television personality.
  3. Teigen is a best-selling cookbook author with a strong social media presence.

Author’s Conclusion

Chrissy Teigen’s height, combined with her talents and authenticity, has made her a beloved figure in the entertainment and culinary worlds. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those aspiring to break barriers and embrace their multifaceted capabilities.


What is Chrissy Teigen’s height?

Chrissy Teigen is 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 centimeters).

When was Chrissy Teigen born?

Chrissy Teigen was born on November 30, 1985.

What is Chrissy Teigen famous for?

Chrissy Teigen is famous as a model, television personality, and cookbook author.

Is Chrissy Teigen married?

Yes, Chrissy Teigen is married to John Legend.

What is Chrissy Teigen’s bestselling cookbook called?

Chrissy Teigen’s bestselling cookbook is titled “Cravings.”

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