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KSI, whose real name is Olajide William Olatunji, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, particularly in the realm of YouTube, music, and boxing. Aside from his various talents and accomplishments, one question that often comes up when discussing KSI is, “How tall is he?” In this blog post, we’ll delve into KSI’s height, and his journey to fame, and provide you with some interesting insights about this multifaceted personality.

KSI’s Height Details and History

  • Height in Feet: 6 feet 0.5 inches
  • Height in Meters: 1.84 meters
  • Height in Centimeters: 184 centimeters

KSI stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 0.5 inches (184 centimeters or 1.84 meters). This height places him above the average height for men in the United Kingdom, where he was born. KSI’s tall stature has undoubtedly been an advantage in his career, especially in the world of professional boxing, where height and reach can make a significant difference in the ring.

As for his history, KSI initially gained fame through his YouTube channel, where he created gaming content and vlogs. Over the years, his channel grew exponentially in popularity, attracting millions of subscribers. His entertaining and often humorous videos resonated with viewers, making him one of the most recognized YouTubers globally.

Career and Rise to Fame


KSI’s rise to fame extends far beyond YouTube. He is a multi-talented individual who has successfully ventured into various industries. Here’s a brief overview of his career:

YouTube Sensation: KSI’s YouTube journey began in 2009 when he started uploading videos of himself playing FIFA, a popular football video game. His witty commentary and engaging personality quickly attracted a massive following.

Music Career: In addition to his YouTube success, KSI has made a name for himself in the music industry. He has released several singles and albums, with some songs charting in the UK’s Top 40. His collaboration with fellow YouTuber Randolph, “Beerus,” is one of his notable musical achievements.

Boxing: KSI ventured into professional boxing, engaging in high-profile matches with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. These events garnered worldwide attention and solidified KSI’s reputation as a versatile entertainer.

Acting and Content Creation: Beyond music and boxing, KSI has also dabbled in acting and content creation, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

KSI’s Personal Details

Here’s a table summarizing KSI’s essential personal details:

Full Name Olajide William Olatunji
Nationality British
Gender Male
Marital Status Unmarried
Date of Birth June 19, 1993
Place of Birth Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Social Media Profiles

Key Points

  • KSI is 6 feet 0.5 inches tall (184 centimeters).
  • He gained fame through his YouTube channel.
  • KSI has a successful music career, professional boxing experience, and diverse entertainment ventures.
  • He was born in Watford, England, and is British by nationality.
  • As of the last update in September 2021, he was unmarried.

Author’s Conclusion

KSI’s height, standing at 6 feet 0.5 inches, is just one aspect of this multi-talented entertainer’s life. His journey from a YouTube gamer to a renowned musician, boxer, actor, and content creator is nothing short of inspiring. KSI’s ability to diversify his talents and consistently engage his audience has solidified his place in popular culture.


What is KSI’s real name?

KSI’s real name is Olajide William Olatunji.

Where was KSI born?

KSI was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

How tall is KSI?

KSI stands at 6 feet 0.5 inches (184 centimeters).

What is KSI known for apart from YouTube?

KSI is known for his successful music career, professional boxing, acting, and content creation.

Is KSI married?

As of the last update in September 2021, KSI was unmarried.

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